Alternative Real Estate Investments

Real estate is a popular invest purchase for many expat teachers. It’s something that you can physically touch and for many investors, feels more real. On average real estate has had an average return of 8.6% and for years this investment has generated consistent wealth and long term appreciation for millions of people.

But just in the last year Expatriates and Foreign property buyers have found it more and more difficult to secure home loans for property in certain countries.

Take Australia for example. 3 of the major banks have tightened loan restrictions to the point where its nearly impossible to obtain a loan without a sizeable deposit and only a certain percentage of overseas income is counted. The UK and Canada have also implemented stricter loan requirements.

For investors still looking for deals in property may need to look for other options. Real estate crowd funding or debt crowd funding might be an alternative investment. With the online sites such as Indiegogo and kickstarter, many people have heard of crowd funding but crowd funding for property is only a relatively new form of investing. For a relatively small amount of money investors from all over the world can invest in a portion of a property.

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