Oct 2018

And so it starts… Growth is back in Japanese Real Estate!


Finally increases in land prices

A massive 0.1% rise in land prices across Japan.  Okay, maybe not that massive depending upon where you are living but for Japan this is HUGE.

After 27 years of declining land prices, Japan is seeing what Sim and I have been predicting for the past few years – growth!  There are a number of different reasons for this increase and you can download our e-guide to read all about them.  Briefly though, the economy is primed to rebound from the years of stagflation and economic neglect.  Recent government economic reforms and the enormous expansion of inbound tourism have boosted the economy.  There is a hotel building boom ahead of the Olympics and this trend is set to continue well beyond 2020 with ambitious and realistic governmental goals for inbound tourists.  Immigration is up, bringing in people to take care of those jobs the locals don’t want to do.  Whilst the Japanese population is shrinking, immigration is reversing the overall trend and cities are growing in numbers again.

It really is a great time to be in Japan, the rugby world cup starts in 12 months and the Olympics and Paralympics the year after that.  It is now the best time to be invested in Japanese real estate with the very real possibility of capital growth to accompany the excellent monthly returns we have always enjoyed.

Take a look here at the full Nikkei Asian Review’s article on land prices and contact me today on kevin@japanpropertyinvestments.com to begin profiting