Oct 2019

Announcing MGM Osaka!

Okay, okay, I may have jumped a little further forward than usual here.

Let me explain. After decades of discussion, Japanese authorities have decided that if you can’t beat the likes of Macao and Singapore, it would join them. By building Japan’s first licenced casino the authorities hope to attract even more foreign visitors to Japan.

It is perhaps the worst kept secret that Osaka will be the site for Japan’s first casino with a decision on this due to be announced within the next 12 months. What will that mean for the area? Riches and opportunities will flood to Osaka. There will be construction jobs, followed by maintenance and support jobs. It is not only a casino but all of the support structures that will go up including some of the largest hotels anywhere in Japan.

More tourists, more jobs, more employment, the increased tax base for Osaka will contribute to the regions continued growth. It really is an exciting time to be in Japan, in Kansai and in Osaka. Contact us today to find out more about how you can invest and benefit from Japanese residential property – www.japanpropertyinvestments.com

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