Jun 2019

Celebrations and Great Returns

A celebratory mood around the JPI office this week!


We are close to announcing our 6th apartment.  Since being formed in 2016, Sim and I have always set goals for the company and ourselves and I am pleased to say we are right on target.  Apartment number 6 will be signed, sealed, delivered and cash flowing by this time next week.

It got me thinking about our investors and what they bring and take from the table.  The JPI slogan is “invest together, grow together’ and we mean it.  Without our investors, we would not have the opportunity to build such a big portfolio in such a short time.  But what do we give back?  That is the theme of this weeks blog post.

Let’s call this wonderful character, “Investor A”, a guy with vision, trust and the insight to invest ¥1,000,000 with JPI back in May 2016.  Investor A’s money is still sitting nice and safe in one of the JPI properties, on our website.  All the time returning a 4% annual return, credited every six months to his account in the investor portal, here’s the breakdown;

Investor A has had a hands free, automated, truly passive the return of 12% to date.  A steady stream of income that he can rely on.  Unsurprisingly with these results Investor A has come back to JPI and made further investments.  In 2 years time Investor A will have to decide to bank his money or to continue to “invest together, grow together.”  It is his choice and we look forward to helping him either way.

If you would like to be more like Investor A, contact us today at www.japanpropertyinvestments.com