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Hong Kong and China Flags

Hong Kong and China Flags

Foreign ownership welcome

As we outlined in chapter 2 of our free ebook, Japan is open to foreign property investment.  Many Asian countries have laws prohibiting foreign ownership of land to ensure prices do not escalate beyond the means of local people.  Japan has never had such a rule and remains open to investors regardless of their nationality.  You don’t even need to live in Japan to purchase Japanese property although securing a loan while loving outside Japan would be a barrier to entry.  Of course during the 1980s and 1990s the Japanese real estate bubble made investing in Japanese property undesirable.  Since the bubble dramatically burst in the mid 1990s property prices have stabilised and are now more attractive than ever before.

Hong Kong and Chinese investors

At JPI we receive daily interest from potential investors all over the World and it is exciting to share opportunities with others.  Recently interest has been growing from investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  We suspect that property prices are rather high in southern China and therefore yields are low.  This would account for the increased levels of interest in Japan.  This article published in the South China Morning Post supports what we are seeing here in Kobe.  We are happy to work with individual investors or companies from anywhere in the World.  The opportunities in Japanese real estate really are boundless.

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