Crowd Funding

Opportunities in Crowd Funding

Crowd funding opportunities are expanding around the globe and over countless different industries.  You can buy a share of a film, a clothing line, a brewery and of course property.

Crowd Funding

What is Crowd Funding?

In simplest terms it is 2 or more people getting together to fund a new or existing business idea. Perhaps you have had the idea of a lifetime but need the cash to get off the ground.  Or you business is booming but you need a cash investment to take you to the next level.  Here people would have traditional reacted “go to the bank.”  But even that has changed.  With the introduction of companies such as (set up in 2004) in the UK, you can even crowd fund your own loan and have more flexibility with the terms.  As well as avoiding making the banks even richer.

But why now? Where has this come from?

Crowd funding has always been around.  Business people have helped each other out with small loans as long as currency has been around.  But something has changed, crowd funding opportunities have exploded around the globe, why?  The simple answer is technology.  Crowd funding platforms like are able to reach a global audience, open up new markets for investors and make investing accessible to all.  These platforms offer investors a safe, reliable and secure option.

What is the main advantage of Crowd Funding?

Spreading the investment over a number of investors reduces the initial cost.  In the past if you had wanted to buy into property investment you need a deposit, solicitors fees, agency fees, stamp duty and other purchasing costs. With Crowd Funding these costs have already been covered allowing you to invest and receive interest on 100% of what you invest, no costs!

What are the potential banana skins?

As with any investment there are risks with property Crowd Funding.  However by spreading your investments over various properties and pooling your money with others in these properties you are significantly reducing the potential downside. You should never invest in something you don’t understand or feel uncomfortable about. So today we are introducing a great article written by Nicholas Wallwork at  Take a look at the article here, and let Sim or I know if you have any questions regarding Crowd Funding with