May 2019

Don’t mistake money for wealth

I was talking to a friend recently about money and what makes us happy. He explained that the thing that brings his happiness is collecting toys. Yes, a grown man in his late 30’s explains that he greatest joy is collecting what many throw away. He believes that his estimated wealth from his toy collection is over half a million dollars

Money for most people money is an emotive, complicated subject. We all have different beliefs, motivations, emotions and preferences, which can make our relationship with it difficult. Money also influences how we view ourselves and can affect our feelings of self-esteem, control and security

For some people, other than paying for the basics, money is merely a measurement of their personal or business success. Others see it as a means of obtaining social status, often comparing their material wealth (house, car, clothes) to that of their peers and friends. Their personal motivation was very much about the outward appearance of success, even if they were not completely fulfilled and satisfied as a result

While this means money will make your life easier to a certain degree, if you let money own you it will make you miserable.

True wealth is what you are left with when they take all your money and properties away – your health, your family and friends, your knowledge and mindset, your spirituality and your ability to contribute to society.

True happiness comes from having a strong sense of purpose, being clear on your ideal lifestyle, and making work and spending decisions aligned with that vision. Life is far too short to waste time doing things you don’t enjoy.