Due diligence – just do it!

Due diligence

Due diligence is not an option.

Japan Property Investments exists to teach people about the benefits of investing in property.  Here is an article we wrote highlighting 5 reasons you should be invested in property.   Regardless of if you invest with JPI, with another group or by yourself, you must learn before you invest.  Due diligence is often linked to a property or a property deal but you should also carry out due diligence on yourself.

Personal due diligence.

At the very least ask yourself the following questions, and be honest with your replies;

  • Are you ready for the responsibility of becoming a landlord?
  • Can you handle the paperwork involved in taking out a loan?
  • Do you have the knowledge of tax accounting to file your annual tax return?  Are you ready to
  • Do you have the knowledge of tax accounting to file your annual tax return?  Are you ready to
  • Are you ready to advertise for, manage and deal with tenants?

Just five of the basic personal due diligence questions you should ask yourself before investing.

Property based due diligence.

Once you have graded your suitability you need to move on to the property.  Many people think the property is the most important factor, JPI believes it is the correct mindset.  Once that is set, look at a potential property and ask yourself;

  • Do I need to take a loan for this property?
  • Can I afford to service any debt I may take out against the property?
  • Is the property structurally sound?
  • Is the property ready to rent out immediately?
  • What renovation work am I prepared to invest in to guarantee/increase returns?
  • Is the property in a good area?
  • etc.

The more you know yourself and the property the easier it is to complete your due diligence and make the right decision.  Unfortunately not everyone follows these simple steps and we all know someone who has made mistakes when investing.  This week we came across this story in the UK press and it reminded us of the need for due diligence.

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