Oct 2019

Focus on Japan

Investment opportunities aplenty.

Sim and I have been invested in Japan for a combined 20 years and some. We know how great this country is for simple, honest and lucrative real estate investment.

Recently we have witnessed first hand more and more foreigners jumping into the market and profiting. It isn’t rocket science. If your an established investor living overseas you already know, if the numbers stack up – invest. If you are new to real estate investing and starting out, follow Japan Property Investments on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and find out what it takes to be a successful property investor.

Last month a short article published on yourmoney.com caught my eye. Clearly more and more people are hearing about Japan and the opportunities over here. The article mirrored our own JPI ebook “Discover The Secrets To Generating MASSIVE RETURNS From Japanese Property” this article pointed out the current focus on Japan. The world’s media is here right now covering the Rugby World cup, until early November.

Next year Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics for the second time, previously they were here in 1964.

These events will come and go, leaving a sustainable legacy in terms of infrastructure across Japan. Paving the way for even more overseas tourists and overseas workers that the Japanese government has agreed to let in. The country is changing, the opportunities are expanding and ver opportunities exist, investment opportunities are bound to follow.

But they are already here so join JPI today and see where you can “invest together, grow together” with us in Japanese Residential Real Estate!