Oct 2020

Fractional Property Investment: How Does It Work?

As the world continues to evolve, more and more people are getting knowledgeable of the proper method of wealth creation. For the past several decades, many investment drivers had developed and improved, helping many investors to achieve financial freedom.

Now that we are in the generation of advanced technology, opportunities in property investment also have broadened. And these opportunities are not just for those wealthy people who can afford to invest in real estate, but also for middle class and retail investors.

Sound interesting? Well, you'll get more interested as you read on and learn more about fractional property investment and how does it work.


Understanding Fractional Property Investment


Typically, whenever you hear real estate property investments, the first thing that probably comes through your mind is the large capital. In the eyes of many, the real estate asset class can obtain only by wealthy people. Due to this matter, the number of real estate investors occupies mostly by giant institutional investors.

But in recent years, a particular model of property investment has emerged in the market, providing opportunities to retail and middle-class investors. And this new way of investing is the fractional investment or the fractional property investment.

Generally, it focuses on real estate investment. But unlike the traditional model, it offers the benefits of owning a property without the upfront expenditures and occurring hassles. Additionally, it has a vast range of investors, as it also reaches the middle class who can’t afford to invest in a particular property but has the interest to do so.

This investment model has been prevailing across the US and Europe. And now, its concept has already reached different countries such as Australia and India. Fractional property investment may not be recognized by many as of the present time, but it is eventually picking up in other parts of the globe – including Japan.

Yes, you read it right.

Essentially, Japan Property Investments or JPI offers the fractional property investment model to investors who want to grow wealth through real estate property. JPI aims to provide a simple and low-cost way to access the Japanese property market. Since the real estate investment is undeniably costly, JPI helps investors, including the middle-class and retailers, to invest in properties without the need for a huge amount of capital.


So, how does fractional property investing work with Japan Property Investments?


The fractional property investment model enables investors to buy a portion of a particular property, but without the upfront expenses and tedious processes. With Japan Property Investments, investors can acquire fractions of quality properties that they are capable of funding.  The affordability of property ownership through this model will allow many investors to get on the property investment ladder and grow their wealth.

If investing in Japan properties caught your interest, JPI can definitely give you the benefits from the lucrative Japanese Real Estate market. Here are the reasons why you should choose JPI to be your partner in growing your wealth:


JPI hand-picks quality properties and divide them into $1,000 units.


A specialist property team, having 35+ years of combined experience, constantly researches, sources, and bids for properties in the Japanese market. JPI ensures investors that they offer properties with excellent return potential.

At JPI, properties must meet specific criteria before the purchase. And these include:

  • Investment-grade quality properties that have rental appeal
  • Located in a city area
  • Close to shopping & business areas
  • No more than a 10-minute walk from a train station
  • Low management fees


You can choose a property and purchase the number of shares you want.


JPI provides a simple process of acquiring property shares. By simply selecting your chosen property, you can own shares in an investment property within minutes. JPI always provides convenience to make you feel comfortable in investing.


You can monitor your portfolio.


Being a fractional investment platform, JPI is devoted to investors who want to increase their income and improve their lives. Convenience and easy access are just some of the services offered, which are certainly useful for a sound portfolio. With this dedication and with the use of technology, you can monitor your portfolio on your personal dashboard at any time of the day. JPI also guarantees that you will have consistent updates in the financial results of Japanese properties.


You can earn 3% on each share you own every year.


Of course, every investor's goal is to generate income from the investment. JPI ensures the profitability of the properties owned, and for the record, the annual return is approximately 3% per share. Currently, JPI owns six profitable properties, with an investment of ¥30,000,000. The rent collected so far is ¥3,000,000.


At the end of 5 years, you can choose to exit from your partnership with JPI or elect to continue.


Lastly, JPI has a simple process. It has a pretty straightforward system where partners can exit after five years of being in the community or continue the partnership. You will never feel stressed out whatever decision you choose. JPI assures convenience, thus no complicated procedure of withdrawal.




Want to own a fraction of property in Japan as well? Contact the JPI team and grow your wealth together with a reliable community of like-minded people who aim for long-term success and financial freedom.