Aug 2019

Global Funds Following JPI!

When we started JPI in 2016, we knew we were onto a good thing and ahead of our time.

Before starting JPI we were invested in Japanese real estate as individuals. And our experience in the market for almost 16 years gave us plenty of insights. We knew Japanese Real Estate was a great opportunity and we were right.

We have seen more and more individuals coming to us for advice and to purchase property. Throughout Japan, we have seen small investor groups popping up and a real buzz about Japanese real estate growth.

Now we see overseas investors flying into Japan to purchase great, modern, well-located property at amazing prices.

We also read about more and more companies buying up office blocks, residential towers and other different types of real estate to invest and benefit from.

So not surprisingly this week in the Nikkei Asian Review more news of foreign funds snapping up awesome deals in Japan. Major British and American funds have recently either set up funds or purchased properties some going as far as to purchase existing investment companies here in Japan, no easy task!

Indeed the Norwegian Government Pension Fund purchased five commercial properties since 2017 and intends to purchase more. This highlights exactly how safe, stable and attractive an investment Japanese real estate is.

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