Jan 2019

Great time to buy? – YES!

The Nikkei Asian Review has some excellent articles and I stumbled across another one this week. The article says that foreigners are no longer buying Japanese Real Estate!

Apparently, prices are too high now with little room for improvement and that rental returns have suffered a blow. Transactions by foreigners account for 30% of the Japanese real estate market and a pullback by foreign investors saw transactions fall by 34% year on year.

JPI hasn’t seen any dip in interest from foreign investors. Again. local knowledge and feet on the ground helping our investors means we only work with properties that return well and are sensibly priced. I think this article is too focused on the very rich investor who has jumped on the Japanese Real Estate bandwagon and paid too much in the process.

It is also to Tokyo centric. If you have read any JPI articles, seen our youtube channel or joined our mailing lists, you will know that, in our humble opinion, Tokyo is not the place to invest. In the Kansai region prices have not risen and rents remain profitable. Perhaps the region will see capital growth but for now it is safe, steady cashflow that keeps our investors coming back.

Take a look at the article here and decide for yourself.

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