Nov 2018

House Price Problems in the UK?

What has that got to do with Japan?

Sim and I obviously read a lot about property.  While we both love reading about Japanese property we each have our niche reads as well, and mine is the UK property market.  I had to share this article with you all the week, fascinating stuff!

UK house prices

Always in the news, the ups and downs have for the past 5-8 years been mostly ups but now with the global uncertainties and the local BREXIT mess, UK house prices are wavering. The article from Merryn Somerset Webb writing for the Financial Times is fascinating.  It charts the historic changes in house price way back to 1796, when the majority of people had no hope of ever owning their own home.  Fast forward to the baby boomers and the upheaval of 1970s Great Britain and of course Magaret Thatcher.  All in all a fascinating, complicated, well-written piece well worth your time.

So, again… What has that got to do with Japan?

Not very much if I am honest.  But the article does go to show how different the UK and Japanese residential real estate markets are.  The UKs ups and downs, constant government intervention with various budgets and laws, rule changes and tax interference.  By comparison, Japan’s real estate market is categorised by a massive bubble that grew and grew then burst 30 years ago.  The UK currently full of uncertainty and change, while Japan keeps plugging along slow and steady.  The FT article asks “Will UK house prices ever rise again?” This question around a volatile (volatile is not negative by the way) marketplace where prices could yo-yo for some time to come.  Reading the article in stable post stagnation Japan made me once again realise just how lucky I am to be invested in Japan, safe in Japan with a stable future.

Take a look at the full article here, it is well worth a read.  And if your interest in Japanese residential property is peaked, come on over to to find out more about opportunities in Japan.