Japan continues to out perform

Japan Property Investments

“Stable Rental Returns”

We are always on the look out for great content and our friends over at propertyguru.com produced this great article.  It clearly articulates what we at JPI know, Japan is the best place in the World to invest in property.  What we enjoy most about the property we invest in is the stable rental returns.  Property is a long term investment and stable income is key to paying down loans and increasing the holdings in our portfolios. stable rental returns

“Strong Capital Appreciation”

The author is writing about the Tokyo market although there is some trickling down to the Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto market with prices creeping up.  While it is nice to see prices rise, it isn’t necessarily a good thing.  If rents rise in line with property prices, the yields will stay the same.  We don’t see any sign of rents increasing just yet so the capital appreciation is pure speculation.  (Perhaps the Olympic 2020 effect?)  Do your due diligence on the numbers before committing to a purchase.  And never predict what you might get in the future.  Calculate your return on investment based on what you can receive today for rent and pay today for the property.  Any future increases are a bonus.

“Invest Together, Grow Together”

The article goes on to echo many of the points set out in our free eguide “Real Estate Investing in Japan” Download it today, it is a quick read and gives you plenty of useable information on how to get into and profit from the Japanese Real Estate market.