Nov 2018

Japan leads the G7!

Fascinating article this week in Japan Today.

Japan has become the first G7 nation and only the second country in the World to have more assets than the Gross Domestic Product or GDP.  Just let that sink in for a minute… did you get it?  It phenomenal.  In an era where so many individuals, companies and country’s run up huge debts with no means, or desire to pay back, Japan has been slowly acquiring assets.  And I do mean slowly, this took time and planning to span several governments and finance ministers.  Only the Japanese could do this.

So what does that mean you and me?

Well as investors in Japan it highlights how the Japanese think.  Long-term and low risk.  The same as any sensible property investment strategy.  The Japanese like saving, it’s well known.  However with the average Japanese is saving in the bank or the post office, yes the post office!  The Japanese Government has been taking these savings, and taxes and slowly building an immense asset base.

When will the expected inflation kick in?

That is hard to predict.  As real estate investors here in Japan, we are hoping inflation away a while longer.  Let’s build our own asset base while inflation is sleeping and then benefit together from increased rents and land prices.  What do you think?  Send us your comments and join us to invest together, grow together.

Here’s a link to the full article, enjoy!