Japanese economy on the way back

Things are heating up.

We have known it for some time.  You can feel it in the air and sense it in the people of Japan.  The Japanese economy is the third largest in the World is bouncing back.  And this week an article published in the Financial Times confirmed it, “GDP confirms Japan’s economy is back on track 

Financial Times JPNWe have seen apartments come on the market and sell within a month.  Now while I have seen that first hand in the UK, heard about it in Australia, Canada, and America, this is the first time I’ve seen it happen in Japan.  I have been invested in Japanese real estate for 13 years and property has traditionally taken months to sell, sometimes even a year or more.  Don’t worry the great deals are still out there, you just need to move quicker to secure them.

So how can you get involved in the Japanese real estate market?

As our eGuide states, anyone can own property in Japan, regardless of nationality or residency.  The cost to enter is low, one room apartments can be purchased for as little as ¥4.5 million with a tenant in place!  = instant cash flow.  Japanese tenants really do take pride in where they live and therefore the repairs and renovation needed are small.  So what are you waiting for?

Find a partner that knows Japan, is invested in Japan and profits along with you.

Here at JPI we have recently launched two new product lines, firstly the original Associate Level.  Available to invest from as little as ¥100,000.  As an associate of JPI you get access to a 3, 4 or 5% annual return on your investment.  There are no fees, no costs and JPI covers any void period so that your money is always working for you.  You invest with JPI and other individuals and spread the risk and return among the group.  An excellent option for the beginning investor.

Partnerships produce more.

The second product line is the Partnership Level.  For the mid-level investor, this option gives you access to returns in excess of 6%.  You will partner with JPI and have a share of a property just you and us invested together.  At this level have more exposure to risks but also access to greater returns.  Void periods and maintenance costs, although low, will be shared between you and JPI.  However, the NET returns can be up to 8% depending upon the property.

I want even more.

The third product line we have launched is Ownership Level.  Here you work with JPI as we source and negotiate a high yielding property.  You will be an experienced investor ready, comfortable and ready to embrace higher levels of risk.  JPI will facilitate the entire deal and stay with you through the sale process and then manage the property on your behalf, taking a small monthly fee.  At this level yields can be over 10% on the right property.

The Japanese economy is coming back.  Japanese Real Estate market is accessible, affordable and ready to take off.  Contact JPI today to discuss your needs and where we can help you.