Feb 2020

Japanese Property Stability

One thing that keeps investors coming back to Japanese residential real estate investing is Stability. It’s what all successful real estate investors look for regardless of their market. As we highlight in our ebook, real estate investing is a slow stable process towards financial independence and requires the right market forces.

The Japanese economy has endured 30 years of downturn and stagflation but even during that time the population suffered quietly maintaining the status quo and never thought to riot or disturb the peaceful society. There is much written on the topic of why this may not be great for Japanese society, but let’s leave that train of thought to the academics.

For real estate investors, long term peace and stability in the market place mean long term stead growth and stability for your money. Over the past 30 years, we have seen companies boom and bust and the same in national real estate markets. Japan has simply got on with recovery and we are now seeing steady increases in real estate value across the country over the past 5 years.

Stability in the Japanese market place has attracted the attention of investors from markets that have heated up and more recently from markets that have bubbled over. The past 6 months have seen JPI inundated with enquires from Hong Kong the previous champion of global real estate investors. This recent article on the APAC Real Estate website highlights just how badly the Hong Kong market has been hit.

No matter where you invest you always have to keep an eye on the market and the potential ups and downs. That is what we do at JPI best, keep a local eye on our international investors’ money to maximise their and our returns.

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