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Just last week a group of us were talking about why Japanese Tenants are far better  than other countries. Although some of us had heard stories of undesirable tenants many of us felt that renting properties here in Japan was a much easier process that back in our home countries

For a start landlords and property managers are very strict on the screening process of prospective tenants. They want to see income details, letters of employment and require a guarantor.

Many rental contracts have very strict conditions that set out whether animals are allowed, how many people can occupy the property, if you can play a musical instrument and where and when you can put out your rubbish.

Below are some other reasons to why Japanese can be easier tenants to deal with than other countries:

  • Japanese Tenants generally stay for several years.
  • Pay rent on time.
  • Respectful to rental properties making sure the properties are kept clean and tidy.
  • Japanese Tenants are required to purchase all white goods and furniture themselves. This even includes ceiling light fittings and fans
  • At the beginning of a rental period the tenant must pay on average a deposit of 2 months’ rent.
  • ‘Key money’ another payment is required to be paid, separate to the bond money

These points are why owning investment properties and renting them out can be an excellent investment strategy.

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