May 2019

Land prices are up in Japan

If you follow what we do at JPI, this will be no new news. But it is always nice when a reputable news agency agrees with you. This week the Nikkei Asian Review ran a great story on Japanese Property.

As the article confirms land prices are on the up in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and have been so for the past six years in a row. But now we are seeing the increase of land values outside of the traditional investor areas.

While interesting it doesn’t impact the JPI strategy, which is to purchase as close to a busy train station as possible, no more than 7 minutes walk to be precise. But what the latest figures do tell us is that investment in land and property is on the up. Not just the mega corporations either, individuals are buying investment properties or second homes and earning great returns.

Low interest rates and tourism are fueling these off the beaten path investing. There is a well documented lack of hotel rooms and an historic high in tourist numbers visiting Japan, meaning places we have never heard of are now investor hot spots.

But JPI will never chase those shiny new investment areas, instead we will continue to focus on our core area in Kansai and our core tenant profile, single, professional or student. These factors have built JPI up slowly and steadily and we look forward to announcing more expansion very soon.

For now though, enjoy the article, it makes solid happy reading. And when you have done reading contact us today to see how you can ‘invest together and grow together’ with us,

Here’s that article;