Local knowledge, global reach

local knowledge global reach

Flying start in 2017!

We have hit the ground running with 2017 on 5 days old we are sourcing deals and working with our investors (you guys).


In Kobe we are surrounded by great deals that will help you and JPI grow and profit.  The problem is often which one(s) to follow and which to say no to.  We hate to say no to a great deal but we must focus, stay within our investing limits and take care of every investor we have.

New developments in Japan

It was interesting to come across this article a few days ago.  It really bought memories back to me (Kevin).  I have been investing in Japanese property since 2003 and in the early days I was a ‘victim’ of the bait and switch scam.  I say ‘victim’ as it wasn’t all that bad.  More frustrating than anything else.  I would find a deal, make an appointment to visit and then find out the property had been sold!  Remember Japan was a slow and reluctant adopter of email, I still have a fax machine in my home!  And so phone calls and visits in person were the way to go fourteen years ago.  Still Japanese real estate agents prefer to do business face to face.

Local knowledge

Sim and I certainly have the local knowledge of the Japanese Real Estate market.  Built up over fourteen years of local investing we now know who puts out the best deals, in fact they now come to us.  We are very excited for 2017 and look forward to sharing our local knowledge with our global investor community.  2016 was amazing to see our ideas and passion for real estate investing shared by so many people all over the World.  We believe this is the best market to invest in, stable, safe and with excellent returns.  Of course you can download our free ebook for the complete picture of the Japanese Real Estate market.  Or if you are already familiar with us, take a look at the properties page to see the latest shares available.  Local knowledge, global reach.

Get in touch

Finally, for today, Sim and I love to talk with our investors and potential investors.  Visit the contact page, send us an email.  If you want include your telephone number and we are happy to call at a convenient time.  Even if it is just for advice on your own portfolio we are serious about helping others so get in touch today.