Jan 2019

New Year – New Deals

A family unit for a change

2019 is up and running, its going to be a busy and exciting year.

As you know JPI specialises in single unit apartments close to the city centre within 5 minutes walk of a train station. Economical, good, clean and inviting properties that attract stable tenants for the long term.

Perhaps you didn’t know that JPI also helps investors look for their own speciality. So to start the year off, let’s run the numbers on a property one of our investors has been investigating. This is an 85 square meter apartment in an Osaka suburb. Built in 1988 so the building will be 31 years old in March. The apartment is on the 4th floor of a 6-floor building facing west over a river. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and a further 2 tatami rooms. It is a family unit and rents out for ¥55,000 a month. You need to take a bus to the apartment but more than likely if a family is renting this, they will also have a car. Monthly management fees are ¥18,130, annual land taxes are ¥64,000 and the asking price is ¥6,300,000 give a gross profit of 10.5% and a net of 7.0%.

For us the best part about this deal is the asking price, we advised the customer to offer ¥5,800,000 which would give you a gross of 11.3% and a net of 7.6%. We believe the offer price is reasonable. These properties are not that sought after. The are is good but the majority of people living here are owner occupiers. However it is certainly worth investing in this property and we will continue to support our investor in their dream of owning this and multiple other apartments.

So if you want to own a piece of an apartment with us at JPI or if you are interested in a different strategy but don’t know where to start, contact us at JPI today to make 2019 your year to get ahead.