No sign of Rent Caps in Japan

Rent caps in real estate

No need for Rent Caps in Japan.  rent caps in real estate

Real estate investment around the world is the number one choice for millions. In some countries, it has become so popular that states have decided to start controlling things.  Here are a few limited examples.


We know that the Chinese government is attempting to slow down the price increases.  The idea is to allow the ordinary person to afford a home of their own.


In Australia, the government makes it very difficult for Australians living overseas to own investment or buy to let properties.  An attempt to limit overseas money coming in and pushing up prices.

Asian Nations

While many Asian countries limit land ownership to their own nationals in an attempt to keep real estate prices under control.  Foreigners can still own leasehold properties.  Buying a freehold is restricted to local born nationals.

The UK

The UK has recently seen reforms to slow down buy to let landlords and limit the number (or value) of properties individuals can own and rent out. Now the UK may go one step further with the opposition political party positioning themselves behind a rent cap strategy as one of their election manifesto points. Time will tell if this is part of a general election winning formula.

How about Japan?

We are fortunate to live, work and invest in Japan. There are rules and regulations for everything except, who can get into real estate investing. What’s the reason for that?  Perhaps it is the limited number of people involved in Japanese Real Estate keeps the government out of the sector. Whatever the reason, we are happy to introduce to you honest properties with great returns, get in touch with


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