May 2019

Osaka is the place to invest!

Sim and I are well aware of the goldmine that is Osaka and Kobe. We will back this up with some big news about a new investment coming up in June. But for now, great to see others getting involved.

As you know, JPI invests in single let apartments, no more than 7 minutes walk from a station. Small, clean, centrally located apartments that appeal to a wide range of good tenants. So why write about hotel investments? Of course, we are a few deals away from being hotel investors. But this week I read an interesting article on direct investment by Best Western Hotels.

Not the only company piling money into Osaka and the Kansai region but an interesting article about the reasons for their decision. In short, Osaka is booming, the World Expo is on its way in 2025. The worst kept Japanese secret is that the first Casino in the country will be built in Osaka. An as more and more tourists repeat visiting Japan their desired locations are spreading, away from Tokyo and Niseko to the more interesting and sometimes more vibrant destinations, Osaka fits that bill.

What does this mean for JPI? Well more tourists, more jobs, more tenants looking for great reasonably priced accommodation. It is a win-win. Contact Sim or I today to find out more;

…and here is the article I referenced about,