Mar 2019


I love listening to podcasts. So much to learn and so many people giving away great knowledge for free. Podcasts really are changing the way people learn and share information.

The majority of the podcasts I listen to are real estate or investing focused. You have access to so many ‘secrets’ and top tips, it really is amazing. I even learnt how to listen to more podcasts in a shorter time by… listening to the hint in a podcast! For those that don’t know, simple set your listening speed to x2 and your 30 minute podcast, just became 15 minutes! It is strange sometimes listening to the podcast in double time, but like I said, there is so much out ther to listen to and learn from, you have to get creaive, save time and get more done.

So given my love of podcasting, you can imagine how excited I was to be invited on Nippon Tradings Podcast to talk about my property journey, crowdfunding and of course, JPI. Nippon trading is run by a good friend, Ziv Nakajima – Magen who lives in Fukuoka and has an in-depth knowledge of Japan and Real Estate investing here. Sim and I are hoping to co-host a seminar in Tokyo sometime later this year, we will let you know when.

Here’s the link please have a listen and get in touch with your feedback.

Another exciting event this week was addressing a group of Japanese investors here in Tokyo. This is an area both Sim and I are interested on working more on so if you have any suitable speaking events, please let us know.