Aug 2019

Property and regulations

Here at JPI we are always open to new ideas. This week we came across an article on Korean property investments. Being so close to Korea here in Japan, this is the first time to read about the Korean market. Of course, there must be good investments available in Korea, we’ve just never thought about it before!

Of course, investors in Korean property look for the same thing we all do, great prices, good returns and the possibility of capital gains. We don’t know if all of those factors are in the Korean market but encouraging to learn that foreigners can buy, own and profit from Korean property.

Certain regulations seem to exist in the market but they are not too onerous and can be overcome. This is the same in any marketplace. The reason we won’t be looking seriously at the Korean market simply comes down to local knowledge and expertise. We would need to find a trusted Korean partner to help us access the market.

And of course that is what we do here in Japan, use our extensive knowledge of the local market and extensive network of contacts to help you benefit from Japanese property. We know the market, know the prices and how best to profit here in Japan. Contact us today to find out more, or

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