Jan 2020

Secure High Returns

News out this week highlighting just how attractive Japanese real estate is. Three of the top insurer’s in Japan, Meiji Yasuda Life, Dai-ichi Life and Nippon Life all investing heavily in Japanese real estate.

Life insurance companies tend to be conservative investors, securing assets for their policyholders. This is nothing new but more and more money is being invested in Japanese real estate as the market returns to favor with investors all over the world.

Not everything is rosy though, the article suggests urban property prices may be overheating in areas. Another reminder of how local knowledge is vital when investing. The article is right, there are areas where prices have rises and rents have not, negatively effecting yields and the return on cash invested.

However, there are still plenty of places where great returns are possible and Japan Property Investments is here to help you find those areas and profit from then. Contact us today at info@japanpropertyinvestments.com to find out more.

Here’s the short article referred to above.