Student Accommodation; An excellent investment

Is purchasing student accommodation a wise investment? Many countries are seeing a rise in students attending Student AccommodationUniversities rather than heading straight into the workforce. This is excellent news for anyone who is thinking or has already invested, as it’s likely that students will be fighting to live in your accommodation.

In many countries student accommodation is one of the strongest performing asset classes due to the constant demand for somewhere to live. If students  are happy with the property they may be there for years and when they leave they are more likely to recommend the property they were in. Students will be looking for the following

  • Properties are conveniently located to public transport, shops and of course the University.
  • Accommodation is clean and livable
  • It offers access to wifi.
  • Has electrical goods such as fridge, television and washing machine

Student Accommodation in Japan

What about Japanese student accommodation market?
Like other countries the demand in Japan for decent student accommodation is also very high. Of any country, Japan is one which offers even more benefits. Purchasing this type of investment in Japan has securities that other countries may not have such as:

  • Students are respectful of the property, maintaining it and regularly cleaning.
  • Parents must be a guarantor of the property. Meaning all bills are paid
  • Students will generally stay in a property for a minimum of 3 years. Often recommending the property to others when they are to leave.
  • Attending university is a high priority for many Japanese

JPI has student accommodation opportunities for you!

Maybe this is an investment you would like to add to your portfolio!
JPI has an excellent investment opportunity of a 1-bedroom student unit.
JPI makes sure that the investments meets specific criteria and that the returns are high.

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